About Beer Stone

Welcome to Beer Stone! This is the blog for The Bier Stein in Eugene, OR, a bottleshop/beer hall that boasts the best selection of beer on the West Coast. New bottles come in every week, and our 24 taps are in constant flux thanks to all of the happy beer lovers in Eugene. Beer Stone is a place to elaborate on the information that our servers and beer stewards can provide, and an entertaining and educational venue for folks who enjoy the varied flavors, processes, and histories behind beer.

About the blogger:

Hi, I’m Aaron Brussat. I’m a homebrewer, nationally ranked beer judge, gardener, and guitarist (if you’re into the whole labeling thing). Originally from Maryland, I found the Eugene beer community vital and inspiring, and scored a sweet job stocking beer at the Stein in 2010 (it sure beat milking goats!). Back from a stint at Falling Sky Fermentation Supply Shop, my new title – Beer Steward – aptly describes my goals in the community: to introduce good beer to good people, to promote beer education, and fun.

Beer is constantly changing; it changes with the weather, with the collective consciousness, with your taste buds. I always want to know more about beer: who made it, why it smells, tastes, and feels the way it does. What brand of chocolate malt went into that Porter? It makes a difference! Most of the content here will likely be about individual bottles, or a weekly update on new bottles. I’ll try to include tasting notes and/or relevant information about the beer and its brewery.  Cheers!


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